Photo Scanning Services


Your priceless old photos are in danger – danger of fading away and danger of being lost or damaged. Photo scanning with Legacy Film Lab can save them, safely and affordably:

  • High 600 dpi resolution allows enlargements 2x size of the original
  • Amazing value: $0.44 per photo, up to 8"x10"
  • Fast 5 Day Turnaround

Your digitized images can be delivered to you via internet or USB flash drive for an additional charge.

How to Prepare Your Prints for Scanning

  • Loose prints only. Remove all prints from albums, envelopes or frames.
  • Sort prints by size and orientation.
  • Remove all tape, staples, paper clips, glue or attachments from prints.
  • Prints must be numbered on the back when scanning in a specific order is requested. Additional charges apply.