ikea frames on wall

What size do I need to print to fit my IKEA frame?

We all love those affordable Ikea frames. The names may be quirky but these frames look as nice as some costing over twice as much.

Many of these frames come with mats. This allows you to choose between two different print sizes. For example a 16x20 RIBBA frame allows you to insert a 16x20 print without a mat and a 12x16 print with a mat.

ikea frame print size
The mats have openings that are slightly smaller than the prints. So you won’t have to worry about getting the prints larger than the stated size.

If you’re shopping on IKEA’s site, here’s how to find out the required print size.
1. Choose and click on the style that you want.
2. Scroll down and click “Product size”
3. A window will pop up on the right and will display what you need to know

product size location

One more thing
Don’t forget the styrene mount. Due to gravity the photo print will want to droop inside the frame. In time, your print will become wavy instead of staying flat.

To prevent this, remember to add a styrene mount to your print. Styrene is a thin and dense mounting board made for framing. This becomes more essential with larger print sizes.


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